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UT Approved Online Continuing Education

To maintain a Utah license, each chiropractic physician must have 40 CE hours minimum every even year by May 31st.  Of those hours, 10 may be done through accredited online programs

10 CE hours may be done through accredited online programs

A good option for this would be Personal Injury Training Institute, one of the UCPA strategic partners.

The UCPA offers online CE regularly, featuring specialists from within Utah.

You can view these courses, then take a test on them and the UCPA will award you a CE credit certificate for each course that you complete. These courses are no additional charge for UCPA dues paying members.

Acupuncture Recertification Hours

For those doctors, who are also certified in acupuncture, their 10 required CE hours of acupuncture recertification count towards chiropractic hours, too.

Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury MVCOI PI ONLINE Trainings

An excellent on-line option is the take the Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury MVCOI PI ONLINE Trainings, which have CE credit in over 30 states including Utah. You can get 10 hours of Utah CE if you plan in advance. Just let Dr States know and pay the $50 CE fee. Then the hours you are already getting in PI Trainings can be credited for CE’s. Here is the link for this course and more information: Online CE Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury MVCOI. 

Personal Injury Training Institute, PI Consulting, Coaching, on-line PI education for physician and staff.  Continuing education credits for Personal Injury cases. Crash Dynamics, Croft Guidelines, Exams, Impairments and much more.

Dr. Jeffrey A. States,
801-288-9539 ext. 4
PITI website

Dr States is a current member of the UCPA and also donates a portion of the training fee to the UCPA.

Courses on the DCOnline website

Another excellent option is to peruse the courses on the DC Online website here:

All of these courses are approved in the state of Utah for online credit. The UCPA receives a portion of the subscription price.