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Business 101 – Davis County


January 9th 2023   |  6pm

Financial 101:

Debt Reduction – Involve Student Loan Tutors

Emergency Funds – How much should I have an ways to build them up?

Covering Your Risk – What are the basic that I can afford now?

Basic Wealth Building –

  • Buying into a practice vs building a practice
  • (Best ways to market a new practice)
  • Involving some docs who have done very well in this area
  • Basic Acct 101.  What can I write off?

Davis County
January 9th, 2023  |  6 pm

Chiropractic Revolutions 1986 N. Hill Field Rd. Ste 7A Layton UT 84045


Office staff is welcome but must have their own registration so we can have an accurate count.