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Opportunity: Our practice is dynamic and growing. We are looking for additional people who want to learn how to thrive in this challenging health care environment. Helping people, having fun doing it, and earning a great living is our goal and reality. Is achieving this level of success important to you? My guess is, Yes!

I’m not talking about the associate “slave” nightmare positions talked about in student circles and between classes. If you want to learn, I am prepared to teach you what has made me successful, and proven to bring success to others.

Now, how does our clinic operate? First of all, we work hard, REALLY HARD! If your dream associate position is a four day work week, then this is not for you. This position will require you to work as hard as my team and I do. I will also require a great deal of accountability on your part.

If you consider yourself a team player and have a rock solid work ethic, then I would like to explain in detail the particulars. Email me at and tell me why you feel you should be my choice.

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