Mentor/Trainee connection

The UCPA is here to support every chiropractor in  Utah.  As one succeeds it breeds greater success for the whole profession.  It is in our best interest to help each other.  One of the best ways to expand a practice is by hiring associates.  One of the best  ways to learn about chiropractic is by seeing it in action.  For these and many other reasons the UCPA has decided to create a mentorship program.  For this program to be successful it needs your help.  If you are willing to be a mentor please sign up here.  We’ll have you fill out a basic profile such as where and how you practice.  If you are looking for a mentor please sign up and fill out a profile of what kind of mentorship you are seeking.   Our goal is to ensure every Utah chiropractor is confident and well equipped to prosper.

Here are some possible questions mentors can answer:

  • Do you have any advice about preparing for licensure?
  • What kind of continuing education do you participate in, and what do you recommend?
  • What professional relationships do you have?
  • What percentage of patients do you receive by referral?
  • How do you get referrals?
  • How would you market a new practice if you were starting out today?
  • How can I get new patients when just starting out?
  • What insurance panels should I get on here?

Click here to join the UCPA Mentorship Program