Help for UCPA Members

Welcome to the official site for the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association (UCPA).  The UCPA is the professional association in the state representing doctors of chiropractic. We are here to serve you and make sure your ability to practice in the state of Utah is the best that it can be. We are an interactive, volunteer group with board members elected by you to represent your needs. We have district meetings in your area once a month to promote fellowship and prosperity. We update you at these meetings on the latest and greatest that is happening in our state. We offer at least 2 seminars a year (at no additional cost to dues paying members) to bring you the latest technology and continuing education. This is your organization to get involved and find events in your area to be involved in community service and chiropractic events.

The UCPA provides an interface with state agencies, lobbying, public relations, insurance relations, continuing education and professional development opportunities for chiropractic physicians, offering leadership for the advancement of the profession within the state. The UCPA promotes the highest standards of ethics and patient care to benefit all of Utah. We are here to serve you, with the intent we have your support, so every voice can be heard, to help make Utah the premier state to practice!

The current UCPA Board members are:  

President Dr Jon Stucky, 435-245-3500
Past President Dr Lew Wheelwright, 801-627-2225
Vice President Dr Richard Amon, 801-731-2200
Treasurer Dr Shirl Stone, 801-785-0788
Secretary Larry Ziegler, 801-901-4261
Executive Director Roxy Cross, 801-281-4100

District Leaders

1-Cache County-Dr Thomas Fullmer, 435-752-5522,
2-Greater Ogden Area-Dr Patrick Conlin, 801-627-0880
3-Davis County-Dr Jason Smith, 801.292.4400
4-Salt Lake Valley West-Dr Eric Harrison, 801-966-3101
5- Salt Lake Valley North-Dr Angie Canada, 801-487-1010
6-Salt Lake Valley East-Dr Tom Anderson, 801-272-9989
7-Salt Lake Valley South-Dr Gina Barfuss, 435.668.2033
8-Utah County North-Dr Brett Haderlie, 801-768-2939
9-Orem/Spanish Fork- Dr Troy Frazier, 801-221-1151
10-Greater St George Area- Dr Brian Richey, 435-652-4476
Members At-Large:
Dr Chris Duncan, 801-523-0073
Dr Brandon Trujillo, 801.259.8737
Dr James Knight, 8012929857
Dr Steve Fisher, 801-272-8500

UCPA Professional Advisory Board

Jeffrey States – Personal Injury Consultant
Jeffrey Metler – Legal
Derek States – Webmaster
Roxy Cross – Business Development