CE Credit Guidelines


  1. Content must be relevant to chiropractic practice and consistent to the rules and regulations of the state. Definition of relevance is at the sole discretion of the board.
  2. Learning objectives must be reasonable and clearly stated.
  3. Teaching methods much be clearly stated and appropriate.
  4. A written course syllabus must be represented for evaluation.
  5. Faculty must be qualified, both in experience and teaching expertise. Proof of this qualification is required.
  6. Must provide a written post course or program evaluation.
  7. Documentation of attendance must be provided for every 3-4 hour period.
  8. $100 non-refundable application fee provided up-front, preferably 60 days out minimum.
  9. Written request for number of CE hours desired.
  10. A $10 documentation and clerical maintenance fee per seminar participant.

It should be pointed out that the UCPA Board has not defined the term “relevant to chiropractic practice.” It is our view that a broad definition of this term could be beneficial at times, and that we should base our decision for hours more heavily on the content and quality of instructors for individual request. The UCPA board cannot approve Continuing Education hours for events the UCPA is not directly involved with, nor is it in the UCPA scope to grant out-of-state Continuing Education hours. February 8, 2016

***Cost of seminar must equal at least $25 per hour of CE credits given. ***

NOTE: Submissions for the UCPA website and classified ads should be sent in text form, preferably in MS Word and photos need to be at least 640 pixels saved as a JPG, for best results. PDFs cannot be seen by all computers.