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2020-2021 UCPA Board Members

Dr. Eric Harrison, UCPA President, 801.557.2352 

Hi, my name is Dr. Eric Harrison.  I am a 4th Generation Chiropractor who recently celebrated over 100 years of Chiropractic care in my family.  I am proud of my family heritage, and love Chiropractic.  I look forward to serving you as President and continuing to move our profession forward.  In the last 5 -7 years we have made great progress in building our association to a stronger more unified voice for CHIROPRACTIC in this state. Early on I served on the board as at large member, district leader, and on the legal legislative committee, where i helped get the new acupuncture bill signed into law.  I took a break from serving for my growing family.  Recently I have spent the last 3 years serving on our board as an at large member, and then as a District leader.  I am currently the chair of the Legal Legislative Committee and am excited about what we have been doing to progress Chiropractic. I do not have any reasons to run other than to serve.  I have no self-serving agendas, just a sincere desire to move our great profession forward. Sincerely, Eric Harrison D.C.

Dr Jon Stucky, UCPA Past President, Practicing in Hyrum, 435-245-3500

Dr Jon Stucky graduated from Life College of Chiropractic and is a second-generation Chiropractor and the 13th of 17 Chiropractors in his extended family. He practiced 6 years in Wisconsin before moving to Utah in 1999. Having been actively involved in providing care to athletes throughout his career he was honored as the 2004 ProSport Chiropractic Doctor of the Year and has been honored 7 times from 2001-2010 as the Doctor of the Wilderness Circuit of professional rodeo thru ProSport Chiropractic. He is committed to serving the profession at many levels, having served as the State of Utah ICA Representative since 2000 and is currently the Secretary/Treasurer of the ICA. He has served since 2000 on the Utah Chiropractic Physician Association board as a district leader, Vice President for two years and President for 5 years. Currently practicing in Hyrum, he lives with his wife, Sue and 2 children. He provides chiropractic care to families and athletes from all ages and competition levels. “Being a Chiropractor, is truly a gift, to share a unique philosophy, science and art of caring for a body, which deserves to be well and can thrive and excel in all aspects of life.”

Dr Jay D Anderson, UCPA Vice President, Practicing 31 years in Spanish Fork, 801-735-6748

Dear Colleagues, I’ve had the great privilege to serve in UCPA positions including Chairman, then served on the licensing board with DOPL the last 8 years and have worked diligently to place Ethics into rule, protecting the public and our profession, raising the bar of Utah Chiropractic. I am always striving to ensure that what is right is done, being not afraid to stand up for what is right, tackling hard things in the face of adversity. I have no tolerance for those working to harm our profession and the public. I thoroughly enjoy serving you my colleagues and getting to know you and your concerns. I would like to continue serving our State association and carry on the great work of my predecessors. I love Utah and serving my community and public. I promise to continue to work hard on your behalf ensuring you’re represented, and your voices are heard. Thank you for your vote. I look forward to serving you this year as VP.

Dr Adam Vance, UCPA Secretary, Practicing in Sandy, 801-984-2000 

I have been serving as the secretary for the Utah Chiropractic Physicians Association for the past year. This experience has been so educational! The work that goes on behind the scenes would make one’s head spin. I have really loved working with the chiropractors from around the state, as we band together as a board and an association, to make this state association the best for everyone who practices in the great state or Utah.

Dr Milton Carroll, UCPA Treasurer, Practicing in Payson, 801-380-1871 

There is power in unity and as we as chiropractors continue to unite and become one force in helping people to become healthier instead of competing against each other, we will be able to do so much more to improve our profession. I believe that the current UCPA board is accomplishing that. We are no longer individual chiropractors trying to survive. I’ve always enjoyed being part of a team and working with good people and as long as the UCPA represents that I want to be a part of it. I hope to help make it possible that chiropractors were no longer take advantage of chiropractors but instead uplift each other and become profitable.

Brett Murdock, DC, Practicing 2 years, District 1 Representative-Cache County & Beyond, 555 W 100 N STE C, Providence, UT 84332, P: 909-532-9138

I am a native of Cache Valley, who experienced the benefits of chiropractic care while in high school. Since that time, I have developed a genuine passion for family focused chiropractic care. I love my work as a pediatric and family chiropractor and have seen what it can mean for children and their families. As a father of three, I know that when a child isn’t expressing their full potential physically, emotionally or spiritually it can affect the entire family. My mission is to deliver gentle, safe and effective chiropractic care to my community. I own and operate Murdock Family Chiropractic in Providence, UT. Our office has been serving Cache Valley since March of 2017 and offers a special focus on pediatric, pregnancy and family wellness. Our clinic offers traditional chiropractic care in a modern setting. In the 3 years we have been in operation, our community has voted us “Best Chiropractor” 2 years in a row! I believe that we, as chiropractors, have an obligation to our communities to be the voice of conservative, salutogenic care and membership and involvement in the UCPA is crucial to make lasting, wide reaching changes both statewide and in our communities.

Patrick C. Conlin, DC, CICE, Practicing 22 years, District 2 – Weber County, 725 40th Street, South Ogden, UT 84403, 801-627-0880

The UCPA has become so exciting with more members, new lobbyists, bigger CE Seminars, health insurance options, disability insurance options, compliance options, more financial ability to spread the word out and protect our Rights as Chiropractors.  I am familiar with current published research, guidelines, documentation, and compliance to help keep our ability to practice protected.  I’m excited to keep my District informed and provide some fun learning lunches and maybe other activities as well.  I’ve been in practice for 21 years and a UCPA member for all/most of those years and have always appreciated what it did for me.  It’s my turn to give back. I’ve focused much of my post Graduate work on Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries.  Recently I have become an ABIME Certified Independent Chiropractic Examiner and offer 2nd Opinion AMA Whole Person Impairment Exams and Reports.  We also offer Digital Motion X-ray and AOMSI Analysis with computerized mensuration.  Our office offers mechanical adjusting with Impulse IQ, Impulse, Activator, and Drop.  We see a variety of patients including Medicare, BCBS, CHUSA, and PI.  Full spine, full extremity, all ages, and patient types.  I LOVE Chiropractic!

Sean Smith DC, District 3 Representative-Davis County, Practicing 14 years, 1986 N Hill Field Rd, Layton, UT 84041, 801-820-6303

I have been a practicing chiropractor in Utah since graduating from Palmer in 2006.  I previously served as a district rep (2006-2008). The UCPA has changed and grown so much since then and I am excited about serving as a rep again. My practice is in Layton and focuses primarily on treating pain and injury. I love helping injured patients and athletes recover and return to a healthy lifestyle. Recently I completed a Sports medicine rotation with the USOC and am going into my 5th season as the team chiropractor for the Utah Grizzlies hockey team. I live in North Ogden with my wife, 2 children, and 6 dogs. I enjoy all the great things Utah has to offer including boating, skiing, snowboarding, golf, biking, and hiking. I believe the UCPA is the only organization in the state which is able and working to protect our scope of practice. This is why I am serving again as the District 3 representative and I encourage all to join the UCPA and offer your support.

Dr. Gary Lee, District 4 Representative-West Salt Lake Valley to Tooele and Beyond, 6216 S. Redwood Road Taylorsville, UT 84123, 801-974-5555

We stand at a crossroads in Utah. One that may very well decide the future of chiropractic in this state. There is so much research supporting the efficacy of chiropractic. Advances in technique and peer-review research which would allow us to continue as the unique entity we are in the healthcare world. There are entities which refuse to change and continually keep us from succeeding in this ever-changing healthcare environment and retard our ability to become more. Join me this year in taking a stand for the future of Chiropractic in the State of Utah!  Join me to make the necessary changes to bring us out of the Dark Ages, the “good ole boys clubs” bringing fairness in practice to all, including putting an end to the unethical  and unfair practice of independent medical examination, following the footsteps of the Utah Bar Association in elimination of a system which was rampant with abuse and fraud. Choosing the high road takes energy and effort, to lift our profession to the next level. Let’s make this the year we stood for right, stood for the greatest profession on earth, and stood arm in arm for each other.

Dr Steve Fisher, District 5 Representative-North Salt Lake Valley to Heber City, Practiced for 38 years, California and Utah, 4355126643

Hello, my name is Dr. Steve Fisher. I have served on the board as the secretary for the state association, as well as district leader and board member at large for a period of 5 to 8 years. I’ve been in practice for over 39 years and tried to retire last year.  Just prior to retiring I found out that I had MCL, mantle cell lymphoma cancer. I’ve been through a lot in the last year and a half but I’m anxious to get back involved with our association. I’ve owned three different offices over my past 14 years in Utah. Previous to that I had practiced in California. It’s been exciting for me to see how the UCPA has really grown over the last 6 to 8 years. My father practiced for over 36 years, so I’m a little home-grown in the chiropractic profession. It has been and will be a privilege to serve and give back to the chiropractic community. I’m anxious to be involved again and hope I will again receive your support.

Tom Anderson DC, Practicing 35 years, District 6 Representative-East Salt Lake Valley, 801.272.9899,

I graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in Chesterfield, Missouri with a bachelor’s degree in science and as a Doctor of Chiropractic 36 years ago. I have practiced chiropractic in Salt Lake City, Utah since 1984. For many years I ran primarily a musculoskeletal chiropractic practice. And I now practice NAET as well as chiropractic. I continue to take courses and symposiums to consistently improve as a Doctor of Chiropractic. The association has gotten very assertive in providing excellent educational seminars and conventions in the last few years, for our members to take advantage of, too. I am passionate about the work we do and appreciate opportunities to introduce this work to any patient who presents to the office needing treatments. We have gained scope of practice expansion with acupuncture and Class 4 Laser rights. I’ve served on the UCPA board for many years because it’s a responsibility I take seriously to protect our rights in Utah. I have not been shy about voicing opinions and asking the hard questions to make sure you are well represented and intend to carry on with that effort serving again this year on the UCPA board.

Matthew Roller DC, Practicing in Sandy, District 7 Representative-South Salt Lake Valley, 801-572-2272,

During my school years I served as our school’s SACA president a which brought the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and lobby on behalf of chiropractic. There I met the last chiropractor to be jailed for practicing medicine without a license. This put a fire under me to do everything I can to help our profession. I have been in the association from the day I came to Utah. My first board meetings and district meetings were attended before I even held a license, at the time the president of the association put his hand on my shoulder and said “we need you” and I have been hooked ever since. During my service on the board I have helped defend our right to use laser, and to call ourselves a doctor as well as other battles. In school I was the president of the pediatric care club and brought in pediatric chiropractors to teach technique, I went to school knowing I wanted to be a pediatric chiropractor which is what I really love, my staff call me the baby whisperer. If you are treating kids please touch bases with me. I live on a small farm in Bluffdale surrounded fields of cows, horses, llamas, and sheep. I have really enjoyed getting to know all of our members and would love to chat anytime, please feel free to call me if there is anything, I can do for you.

Dr. Steven Roushar, District 8 Representative-North Utah County, Practicing 3 years in Lehi, 385.389.6200

Dr. Steven Roushar has been practicing in Utah for 3 years and runs a family wellness practice with an emphasis on prenatal and pediatric care in Lehi, UT. He is certified through the ICPA in Webster’s technique and has completed all coursework for a diplomate in pediatrics. He also runs a cash practice. He is passionate about advocating for and protecting rights of pediatric and prenatal chiropractors along with cash practices. He is also passionate about focusing on what makes us similar as chiropractors rather than what makes us different. He seeks to build bridges rather than walls and will advocate for the rights of all chiropractors even if they have a different practice style, focus, or model.

Dr. TJ Phelps, District 9 Representative-South Utah County & Beyond, (801) 504-6370,

I was born in Idaho but raised in Wyoming. A church mission took me to Sao Paulo, Brazil where I became extremely sick. A return to the US led to endless specialists, medications, and an expected life on medications and bed rest. This is when I first got exposed to chiropractic in Oregon which cured me of all the issues. With a bachelors from Utah State University and doctorates in Chiropractic and Naturopathic from National University of Health Sciences I came to Utah and have just purchased and moved into our permanent building.

I love our association because they are active in protecting and expanding the chiropractic scope of practice. I also love that they provide continuing education and find quality sponsors to raise money and cover the expenses. They are also looking out for our wellbeing by finding ways to cover disability, eliminate student loans, and lower health insurance expenses. Having worked with governors and senators in Wyoming and now being established in Utah I am excited to stay involved with the UCPA and continue to strengthen us through COVID and beyond.

Dr Justin Biggs, District 10 Representative-St George & Beyond, Practicing in Cedar City and 14 years in Utah, 435-867-8883

I feel very privileged to live and practice in a state with an organization that looks out for our profession like the UCPA.  I have friends in other states that have been very adversely affected by the COVID-19 response.  I feel that the ability of our state leadership to get along and to not bicker between themselves only makes my point even stronger. I enjoy being able to offer assistance to other Chiropractic providers in our state especially in my region of southern Utah the tools that can help them succeed.  And being involved this last year has been a treat.  I like knowing what is going on in our state, and knowing we have good men and women helping insure that we have the ability to provide.

At-Large Representatives:

Elizabeth Casos Draney DC, Practicing in West Jordan for 18 years, 801-280-2548

Dr. Elizabeth Casos Draney has a strong desire to see more chiropractors get involved with the UCPA by coming to board meetings and participating in area luncheons and other activities. She graduated from LACC in April of 2000, and shortly thereafter completed a fellowship through the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association.  She has thoroughly enjoyed her family and auto accident practice in Jordan Landing since 2002 and added yoga classes earlier this year.  She has been impressed with the forward movement of the UCPA and has served as an alternate in her West Jordan district.  She would like to stay engaged and involved as an at large member again this year to continue to watch the growth of our state association.  Besides having the best job in the whole world, she enjoys spending time with her 4 children, studying unbiased health related issues, functional movement, intelligent banter, chocolate, and yelling loudly at Mile High Stadium.

Jennifer Kocour DC, Practicing in Ogden for 10 years, 801-612-1085,

Dr Kocour served on the UCPA board previously as a District 2 Representative and is eager to support again in an At-Large position. “I am trying to make a difference to continuously improve our ability to take care of our patients in the state.” She believes it is important to stay involved and be supportive of her peers. She attended university of Nebraska -Omaha, studying exercise science with a specialization in athletic training, then enjoyed working in a physical therapy office and a rehabilitation hospital for 5 years. During that time, she left Omaha to attend Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. She continuously works to increase her knowledge of how the systems of the body works together to create a health. Dr Kocour has always appreciated the relationship between proper body function and optimal health. She utilizes the Gonstead Method in her practice as well as torque release which is a light force technique and B.E.S.T. technique which is an energetic technique that focuses on updating emotions and thoughts as it pertains to your health. Her focus within the practice is with infants and children and women’s health issues.

Allysa Rimkus, DC, Practicing in Murray, 801-281-1688

Once Dr Rimkus saw chiropractic change her life she committed her life to the pursuit of excellence in her own life and for her patients. She believes in giving back to her profession serving within the UCPA as an At-Large representative again this year. She played rugby  at college, and for Palmer while going through her training. Dr Rimkus loves everything healthy, and lives by example. She is committed to removing interference so children and families can maximize their potential.



President Eric Harrison DC 801-966-3101
Past President Jon Stucky DC 435-245-3500
Vice President Jay Anderson DC 801-798-6558
Secretary Adam Vance DC 801-984-2000
Treasurer Milton Carroll DC 801-380-1871
1 Brett Murdock DC 4352139582
2 Patrick Conlin DC 801-627-0880
3 Sean Smith DC 801-820-6303
4 Gary Lee DC 801-974-5555
5 Steven Fisher DC 4355126643
6 Thomas Anderson DC 801-272-9989
7 Matthew Roller DC 801-572-2272
8 Steven Roushar DC 385.389.6200
9 TJ Phelps DC 801-504-6370
10 Justin Biggs DC 435-867-8883
At-Large Jennifer Kocour DC 801-612-1085
At-Large Allysa Rimkus DC 801-281-1688
At-Large Elizabeth Draney DC 801-280-2548
Executive Director Erin Axson 801-281-4100